Young Adults and Women Make Up Largest Number of Visitors Traveling to the Dominican Republic

Young adults, up to 35 years of age, currently represent 51.6% of all international tourists visiting the country.

This particular group experienced the greatest growth in 2017.

At the same time, 53% of all visitors to the country are women (2.5 million), in comparison to men who represent 46.9% of all visitors. The arrival of women grew by 10.4%, while the number of men dropped by 1.7%.

Approximately 339,000 children under 12 (7%) also visited the country; as well as 389,000 youngsters between the ages of 13-20 (8%), and 1.6 million between 21-35 years of age (33.6%).

These three age groups represented the greatest growth.

Other numbers: Children between 0-12 years of age (39.1%); between 13 and 20 years (13.3%) and between 21-35 years (1.6%).

During 2017 the age group comprised between the ages of 36-49 years of age who visited the country peaked at 994,000, while their participation was that of 20.5% and its overall growth registered at 0.5%.

Visitors over 50 years of age represented 1.4 million of tourists visiting the country (30.9%), and their growth registered at 3%.

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