Tourism Industry Generates US$3.7 Billion in Foreign Exchange During January-September

The January-September Tourism Barometer, prepared by the Vice Ministry of Tourism, revealed that tourism-generated income jumped to US$3.7 billion during the first nine months of the year.

The study also reveals that this increase is related to the higher number of Russian, Canadian, American, English, Colombian and Chilean tourists that visited the country during this time period.

“These numbers are consistent with the increase in the number of international tourists visiting the country. During the first semester of 2017 the number of tourists humped by 6%, in relation to the same period during 2016” .

The study also states that 2017 will close with the arrival of 6.3 million tourists and that the number of hotel rooms will reach 80,000.  Also, that tourism-generated income will register at US$7.5 billion.

It concludes that the Dominican tourism sector will maintain its leadership in the Direct Foreign Investment sector, reaching US$832 million.



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