Dominican Tourism Sector with Largest Number of Female Employees

A recent study sponsored by the Banco Popular, the country’s largest private bank, titled “Dominican Tourism: A Sea of Opportunities,” reveals that the Dominican Republic’s tourism sector has become the number one employer of women

The study was carried out by ANALYTICA, an independent economic research firm.

Other important findings made by the study: The tourism sector is the country’s leader in the job sector; during the 2014-2016 the tourism sector generated 16% of all jobs created by the private sector, and directly and indirectly supports more than one million jobs, or 10% of the Dominican population.

The study also reveals that for each man employed by the hotel, bar and restaurant sectors, 1.25 women are employed.

This is the highest number in comparison to other local sectors where there are 1.8 men employed for every woman.

The rest of the economy employs 11.4 % women, while the tourism sector employs 20%. The tourism sector generates approximately 12.4% of all consumption made in local homes.

At the same time, the sector “generates more sustainable jobs.” Thirty percent of all employees work in big companies (with more than 50 employees), compared with 18.7% for the rest of the private sector.

Health Coverage: These large companies provide their employees with better health services.  In 2015, the tourism sector provided 45% of its employees with private health coverage.

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