Tourism Industry Generates 40 Out of Every 100 Dollars Produced by Export Sector

During 2016 the country’s thriving tourism industry produced some US$800 million dollars.
According to the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (ASONAHORES), using data presented by the World Council on Travel and Tourism, the country’s tourism sector – directly and indirectly – employed 16 out of 100 Dominicans.

Last year the tourism industry represented 17.3% of the GDP, representing some US$12 billion. For 2017, growth is expected to reach 4.8% (more than US$13 billion).

The local agricultural and farming sectors also experienced an impressive 11% growth in sales to hotels and other tourism sector outlets, representing almost US$500 million in sales during 2016. That number is expected to jump to US$600 million this year.





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