Thousands of Tourists Continue to Arrive at Dominican Hotels

The Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (ASONAHORES)
reported today that all hotels and airports in the Dominican Republic are operating
under normal conditions, after last week’s close passage of Hurricane Irma through the
country’s Atlantic coast.

“We are pleased to announce that Hurricane Irma passed through the country’s Atlantic
coastal region without provoking damages that would have impacted the operation of
our hotel infrastructure and other fundamental services we offer tourists. Proof of this is
that international tourists continue to arrive and leave our country under normal
conditions, “explained ASONAHORES president Joel Santos.

The tourism organization also reported that the country’s international airports are in full
operation and receiving flights from all over the hemisphere and key European nations.
The Dominican Airlines Association is a member of ASONAHORES.

The organization also explained that during the passage of Hurricane Irma through the
Dominican coastal areas, the thousands of tourists staying in local hotels were protected
following the international protocols established to maintain the safety and security of
international visitors.

At the same time, the hotel associations of Punta Cana, Samaná and Puerto Plata, also
active members of ASONAHORES, report that all tourism-related facilities are in full
operation and are providing their guests all necessary services. These three tourism
regions are located on the country’s Atlantic coast.

In the La Romana-Bayahibe, Juan Dolio, Barahona and Santo Domingo regions – all
situated in the country’s southern Caribbean coastline – as well as the city of Santiago,
the country’s second largest city, all hotel-related activities carried on as usual during
and after the passage of the hurricane.

“All Dominican tourism-related facilities once again demonstrated great expertise in
handling the established protocols to ensure the safety of tourists under situations such
as the ones provoked by Hurricane Irma, which periodically impact the Caribbean
region,” said Santos.

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