Russian Tourism Triples in the Dominican Republic

The number of Russian tourists traveling to the Dominican Republic tripled during the first semester of 2017, in comparison to 2016 numbers during the same time period.

The Association of Russian Tour Operators reported that some 118,000 Russian nationals arrived in the country through local international airports.

The Association explained that during the first semester of this year some 118,000 Russian tourists visited the country, coming in third on the list of European nationals who travel to the country. Germany and France occupy the first two slots in this important list.

One of the reasons for this increase is the drop in air fares and an increased number in direct flights between Russia and the D.R.

Also, the quality and quantity of the local hotels, excellent customer service and safety have also contributed to this impressive jump.

Other attractions: the country’s 1,566 kilometers of excellent beaches in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, excellent climate and the “all-inclusive” hotel packages.

The Association also highlighted that even though the majority of hotels in the D.R. are oriented for family vacation, its “adults only” packages are also an important attraction.

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