Places that Offer Excellent Dominican Dishes and Treats

If you are on vacation, discovering and exploring the Dominican Republic, you may easily add the following cities to the list of cities and towns where you can enjoy the best Dominican cuisine.  Cities such as San Cristobal, San Pedro, Samana, Bonao, La Romana, Santo Domingo, Bani, Moca and La Vega are known to have excellent restaurants.

Eggplant in Village of Cambita, in the Country’s Southwest Region

Situated on top of a beautiful mountain in San Cristobal Province, visitors will find the Aubergine Restaurant.

The restaurant’s menu has a wide variety of eggplant dishes, including eggplant sushi with salmon.

Address:  Kilometer 6.5, La Colonia, Cambita-Garabito, San Cristobal

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Green Banana Pies in San Pedro de Macoris

This particular Dominican dish consists of a square green banana pie wrapped in banana tree leaves. It is one of the country’s most traditional dishes, especially for special holidays such as Christmas.

For one of the finest “pasteles” in the country, there’s no place like “Amable Pasteles En Hojas,” a restaurant that specializes in this particular dish. It also offers the dish made of yellow bananas and other Caribbean vegetables.  The pies are stuffed with chopped beef or chicken.

Address: Calle General Cabral, next to the Parque Duarte, San Pedro de Macoris

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Coconut Bread in North Coast Town of Samana

“D’ Vieja Pan Inglés” is a long-established pastry shop that specializes in traditional dishes from this north coast region.

The pastry shop is known for its English Bread, Coconut Pie and Corn Bread, among others.

Address: Carretera Samana-Las Galeras, # 51.

Telephone: 829-664-1200

Lebanese-Syrian Cuisine

If you are traveling to the country’s central region, then a must stop must be at “Kiko’s Restaurante,” famous for its Middle Eastern kippes, brought to the country by Lebanese and Syrian immigrants.

The restaurant features crab, conch shell, goat, shrimp, octopus, and rabbit-stuffed kippes.

Address: Duarte Highway

Telephone:  809- 525-4960

In the country’s Eastern region, in the town of La Romana and in the Coral Highway, travelers will enjoy the delicious menu prepared by “Shish Kabab,” one of the finest restaurants in the region.

Also on the top list of favorites: seafood soup, fresh seafood, and typical Dominican dishes.

Telephone: 809-556-2737

Bonao: in the Country’s Central Region

For lovers of authentic Dominican dishes the “Típico Bonao” Restaurant, situated in the town of Bonao, offers the best Dominican breakfast treats – such as mashed green bananas, fried cheese and eggs – as well as many other typical dishes.

There are two “Tipico Bonao” restaurants in the town.

Address:  Duarte Highway, Kilometers 83 and 85

Telephone: 809-296-6000

Also in Bonao, travelers on Duarte Highway will find “Miguelina’s,” a typical cafetería offering the best Dominican deserts and other typical dishes.

Address:  Kilometer 91, in the town of La Ceiba.

Mashed Green Bananas in Central Town of Moca

One of the town of Moca’s most popular restaurants is “Mi Terraza,” a typical restaurant that offers the famous “Mofongo,” which consists of mashed green bananas or yucca.

The Mofongo may be accompanied by a whole series of side dishes.

The restaurant is also known for fried treats such as chicken cracklings and fried Dominican sausages.

Address: Moca-La Vega Highway, Kilometer 1.5

Telephone: 809-822-1347

Also in Moca, a town situated 15 minutes south of Santiago – the country’s second largest city – visitors may visit “Mofongos y Carnes Juan Pablo.”

Address:   Calle 26 de julio #56

Telephone: 809-578-2024

Dominican Corn Pudding in Southwest Town of Bani

Whether cold or hot, the “Majarete” – or Dominican corn pudding – prepared in the “Plaza del Maiz,” or Corn Plaza, is the symbol of this beautiful region.

At the Plaza “corn lovers” will find the most delicious and innovative treats made with corn. Another important treat at the Plaza is the Sweet Potato Fritters.

Address:  Quijaquieta, Peravia-Salinas Highway

Dominican Empanadas in Santo Domingo  

Known locally as “catibias,” these empanadas are made of yucca.

In Santo Domingo, the best “catibias” are found at the “Meson de Bari,” in the Colonial Zone, one of the finest restaurants in the city’s Colonial Zone.

Address: Calle Hostos #302, Colonial Zone

Telephone: 809-687-4091

The “catibias” at the Adrian Tropical Restaurant make for wonderful entrees, as well as other popular Dominican dishes.  There are four Adrian Tropical restaurants in Santo Domingo.


Avenida George Washington

Telephone: 809-221-1764

Avenida Nuñez de Caceres

Telephone: 809-565-9236

Avenida Abraham Lincoln

Telephone: 809-566-8373

Avenida Independencia

Telephone: 809-508-0025

Dominican Cuisine in La Vega

“El Zaguan” Restaurant, in the central town of La Vega, is also a perfect stop for excellent Dominican dishes.

Address:  Avenida Pedro A. Rivera

Telephone: 809-573-5508

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