Yucateke Park Features Pre-Columbian Cultural Artifacts

The “Yucateke Macao” theme park, featuring important symbols of the Taino culture – the original inhabitants of the island – is one of the most recent attractions added to the Punta Cana tourism region.

Thousands of national and international tourists visit the park to become familiarized with the culture and traditions of the Tainos.

The term “Yucateke” was the word used by the Tainos to point out the most important village in the region, and the place where the most important celebrations took place.

The goal of the park is to recreate the culture of the Tainos who lived in what is now the Punta Cana region.

Visitors will also have the opportunity of experiencing life in a small Dominican farm, enjoy a typical Dominican meal and enjoy a refreshing dip in some of the nearby fresh-water pools found in nearby caves.

The Yucateke is situated in the region of Macao, just minutes from Punta Cana and Bavaro, home to some of the region’s most important agricultural farms.

In the ceremonial plaza guests will be able to enjoy a traditional Taino ceremony, with dances and songs.





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