Punta Cana Top Executives Frank and Haydee Rainieri Receive Award for Their Support to the Country’s Environmental Policies

Frank and Haydee Rainieri, President and Vice President of the Puntacana Group, respectively, recently received the “Environmental Solution Award of the Year” for their commitment to sustainable tourism policies and the development of environmental projects that use innovative techniques to reduce negative environmental issues.

The couple was distinguished during the 9th Annual Award Ceremony for the Conservation of the Environment 2017, sponsored by the Dominican magazine “En Sociedad” and the Puntacana Group Foundation.

The award for “Entrepreneurial Solution of the Year” was issued to the “Isla Adentro” social media outlet.  The outlet was distinguished for its permanent work to inspire national and international visitors to visit the D.R. in an eco-friendly manner.  Also, to encourage the younger generation to place videos of their travels throughout the country through the organization’s YouTube channel.

The mountain ranch “Rancho Baiguate” was elected as the “Solution Project of the Year,” for its permanent commitment to the environment. For the past 40 years the “Rancho Baiguate” has carried out innovative agro-ecotourism projects in the mountain town of Jarabacoa through its “Baiguate Culture,” which demands respect for nature.

Another awardee was the Tropicalia  company as the “Solution Company of the Year.” This innovative luxurious facility practices sustainable tourism and ecologically responsible policies throughout the entire project, situated in the southern region of the Bay of Samana, on the country’s northeast region.

Also distinguished with the prestigious award were the Corona and Parley for the Oceans organizations for their “Solution Campaigns of the Year.” The organizations carry out annual beach clean-up campaigns in some 100 islands throughout the world, including the Dominican Republic.

Last, but not least, the “Community Solution of the Year” was awarded to Timoteo Estevez, for his 13 years as a nature guide in the Aniana Vargas National Park.  For more than a decade, Estevez has worked to protect the park’s beautiful and unique environment.

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