New Initiative Will Promote History of Christianity in America

The Dominican Republic will soon begin to promote religious tourism through an initiative that will focus on the history of the Catholic Church in the Americas.

Promoters of this initiative are the Ministry of Tourism and the Ramón Pané Foundation, named after the first Spanish Catholic catechist priest who arrived on the island of Hispaniola during Christopher Columbus’ second voyage to the recently discovered region.

Dominican Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garciamet with a commission from the religious foundation, headed by the Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Oscar Rodriguez Mandariega, and whose vice president is Monsignor Ramon de la Rosa y Carpio, the Archbishop Emeritus of Santiago, the Dominican Republic’s second largest city.
Other participants in the meeting: Monsignor Antonio Camilo, Monsignor Emeritus of La Vega and foundation advisor; Ricardo Grzona, executive director; Hugo Flores, program and digital strategy director, and Manuel Quiterio Cedeño, project advisor in the Dominican Republic.

Today’s Dominican Republic was the first territory to receive the Catholic faith and where the evangelization of the New World began. This in itself is a major attraction and will diversify the various tourism destinations in the country, the main tourism destination in the Caribbean.

The religious tourism tour “Path of Faith” will take the visitor to the main Catholic historic sites in the Dominican Republic, which witnessed the evangelization of the rest of the continent during the 15th and 16th centuries.






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