Shish Kabab: La Romana’s Most Popular Middle Eastern Restaurant

The first Middle East immigrants – Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians –began to arrive in the Dominican Republic in 1875.

They brought with them their delicious cuisine and other traditions. More than one century later, many of these dishes are now part of traditional Dominican cuisine.

This is why the fried, raw and oven-baked kibbeh (Lebanese meat croquette) is one of the Dominican Republic’s most popular treats. Other popular Middle Eastern dishes incorporated into the Dominican menu are the “Niño Envuelto” (rice and chopped beef wrapped in cabbage); stuffed fig leaves; stuffed eggplant andthe Taboulehand Tahini.

In the Dominican Republic, specifically in the Eastern city of La Romana, lovers of Middle Eastern dishes will find in Shish Kabab Restaurant the perfect to enjoy many of these dishes.

The four-decade old restaurant has successfully added to its menu some very popular Dominican treats. When visiting La Romana, a visit to Shish Kabab is a mandatory stop. The restaurant has also successfully opened a modern facility on the La Romana-Punta Cana highway.

The spirit of its founder Elias Giha, who arrived in La Romana in 1967, is very much alive in both restaurants. His Middle Eastern delicacies have transcended his national borders to find a second home in the Dominican Republic.

At the restaurant, visitors can easily run into world-famous singers, the country’s President as well as a wide variety of customers from many countries.

The Shish Kabab Autovia, situated in the La Romana-Punta Cana highway, also offers typical Dominican-style breakfasts as well as fine Middle Eastern and Dominican treats.






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