Santo Domingo to Host Accessible Tourism Congress on June 23

The Accessible Tourism Congress will be held June 23 at the Convention Center of the Dominican Fiesta Hotel, as part of the Caribbean Tourism Exchange Program.

This is the third time that this specific Congress is held, and its goal is to bring together national and international experts on the tourism sector.

This time around, the theme of the Congress will be “Social Innovation for Development.”

Participants will include representatives from the First Ibero-American Congress on Accessible Tourism to be held in Mexico this year.

The event is co-sponsored by the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Confederation of Tourism Organizations of Latin America (COTAL), the Spanish Network of Accessible Tourism (RED ESTABLE), Banreservas, Arquitexto Magazine, Dominican Access, the Asociación Popular de Ahorros y Préstamos (APAP), Handicap Travelers RD, the Metro Group and Air Europa.

The goal of the international event is to promote the tourism industry, with the participation of various companies and tourism organizations from the Caribbean region and Latin America.

Also, tour operators, wholesalers, travel agents, cruise ship companies, airlines, eco-tourism activities, tourism officials, media outlets, banking organizations, universities, car rental companies, event organizations, golf and cultural tourism, among others.





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