Impressive 7.5% Growth in Number of Tourist Arrivals During First Quarter of 2017

During the January-April months, approximately 2,223,126 tourists visited the Dominican Republic.

Only in the month of April, that number registered an extraordinary 16.8% jump. A total of 495,000 tourists entered the country, 71,000 more than during the same month in 2016.

Last year the number of Canadian citizens dropped by 8%, but this year the numbers bounced back registering a positive 16.5% growth. Total growth for the quarter for Canadian citizens came in at 9%.

In April 2016, visitors from the United States registered an additional 4.8% while this year the numbers came in at 8.2%. These percentages represent a growth of more than 40%. During January-April, Canada and the United States contributed 60% of all tourists visiting the Dominican Republic.

Europe also registered positive numbers between January and April, except for Italy.

The following countries experienced growth: Germany (1%); Spain (6%); France, (5%); England (12%) and Russia (226%), which went from 24,000 visitors to 80,000.

Punta Cana’s international airport registered 1.2 million visitors (66.2% of all tourists), an 8.5% growth from the same time period in 2016.

Puerto Plata, the most important destination in the country’s north coast, once again registered a 13.3% growth in the number of tourist arrivals, the highest jump for one specific region.

La Romana, on the country’s eastern region, reported a 5.9% growth.






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