Villa Pajon: A Cool Fantasy Destination in the Hot Caribbean

Villa Pajon is an eco-lodge mountain resort situated in the very heart of the Dominican Republic’s central mountain range, the tallest in the Caribbean region.

The seven-cabin resort is located some 2,000 meters above sea level. Surrounded by an extensive pine forest, the temperature in the region during the winter months can drop to 32 F. (0 C.). All cabins are equipped with fireplaces.

Villa Pajon is a rustic mountain setting that will delight nature lovers, as well as mountain hikers and bird watchers. Touring the local mountains during the day will provide guests with plenty of stories to tell around the fire place during the cool evenings.

What is Villa Pajon?

The cabins are surrounded by approximately 130,000 acres of dense forest that will provide guests with excellent possibilities for bird watching, mountain cycling, hiking and horseback riding.

The local forest is home to many native birds. Trained guides will help identify the native species, as well as the birds that are passing through the region during their annual migration process. During the summer, the fields are blooming with daisies and hydrangeas, as well as many other native and wild flowers.

Villa Pajon is the Perfect Destination for National and International Visitors

Villa Pajon was conceived for all visitors, but especially for the nature lover. There is an organic garden for those who want to spend some quiet time outdoors; plenty of open spaces for children to play and explore; and mountain trails for hikers and cyclists.

It is the perfect destination to become familiar with the natural wonders of the Dominican Republic, especially its forests and mountain regions. Evenings are also quiet: sitting around the fireplace, drinking wine, listening to music and the sound of silence.

Villa Pajon is located some 15 kilometers outside the mountain town of Constanza, situated some 1200 meters above sea level. Getting to the project is easy.

Once you reach Constanza’s main square, just ask anyone for directions. For information, please visit:, or call 809 -334-6935.





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