Adventures in Samana

The Province of Samana, on the country’s northeast region, offers visitors much more than its beautiful white-sand beaches. Its spectacular natural resources and the friendly attitude of its citizens, has turned the region into a fascinating tourism destination.
Its mountains and rivers offer excellent possibilities to visitors looking for adventure tourism. Other possibilities are horseback riding, hiking and ziplining, just to mention a few. By far, the Province of Samana offers tourists a wide range of fun activities, such as:

Samana 4×4:

This is a unique experience for the more adventurous visitor. The offer consists of traveling to some of the province’s most beautiful destinations on board safari-like vehicles that will take the guests through beautiful mountains, valleys and local villages. This is an excellent option for those who also want to meet and interact with the local communities, and enjoy snacks consisting of native fruits, fresh coconut milk or a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee and/or hot cocoa.

“Los Haitises” National Park:

Situated in Samana Bay, this rainforest is situated along the southern part of the Bay of Samana. The area is one of the country’s top nature reserves, where visitors can visit caves where the Tainos – the original inhabitants of the island – painted symbolic drawings that have lasted through the ages. The reserve is also known for the incredible number of birds that live or migrate through the area.

Las Galeras:

This old fishing village is situated next to the Bay of Rincon. Well organized tours include hiking and camping.

Limon Waterfall:

The 40-meter waterfall can be reached with the help of special guides, either on foot or on horseback.

Scuba Diving:

The area is also known for excellent scuba diving possibilities due to the beautiful coral reefs found along the north coast of the Bay.






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