Punta Cana and Santo Domingo among Best Selling Destinations, According to Expedia

Punta Cana and Santo Domingo are among the best-selling destinations through Expedia’s mobile apps, a world leader in the online sale of travel packages.

According to Expedia, the number of room reservations jumped impressively by 53% during 2016, in comparison to the numbers registered in 2015.

“The majority of tourists traveling to the Caribbean are coming from the United States, a country that currently represents 83% of all reservations, followed by the United Kingdom and Canada,” explained Expedia.
The online travel website also revealed that 45% of those who made their reservations through their mobile devices preferred four-star facilities, followed by 43% who opted for three-star hotels.”

Expedia also highlighted that those who made their reservations through their mobile app tended to reserve approximately 32 days before their trip, while all other customers reserved approximately with a 50 days advance notice.





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