Accessible Tourism Destinations in Puerto Plata

The north coast city of Puerto Plata, one of the Dominican Republic’s most important tourism regions, now offers national and international tourists traveling with their families all the necessary information on facilities and destinations that are handicap accessible.

The Dominican Republic’s Accessible Tourism Guide now offers updated information on these handicap accessible destinations not only in this north coast city, but in other regions as well.

The Guide is the first step taken by the local tourism sector to provide an updated listing of the many facilities in the country that are accessible to the handicapped. For more information, please visit: (

One of the Guide’s most important goals is to encourage local museums and historical destinations to guarantee access to the handicapped, as well as all modern tourism facilities currently undergoing construction.

Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata’s International Airport:

The airport is now equipped with an emergency alarm system designed specifically for the visual and hearing impairment. It also features special parking spaces for those with movement impairment. All airport entrance and exit doors are also equipped with access ramps and special elevators for wheelchair access.


Hotel Be Live Marien. The hotel has a special platform and ramp for wheelchair access to its pools. For those with visual impairment the hotel has adequate lighting systems designed to meet their needs.

Hotel Casa Colonial Beach-Spa. All hotel elevators and social areas are designed for wheelchair access.

Hotel VH Gran Ventana Beach Resort. The hotel features a special gluten-free menu, and special features for guests with hearing impairment.

Hotel Iberostar Costa Dorada. The hotel also features gluten-free menus and special emergency alarm systems for the hearing and visually impaired. All special areas have ramps for wheelchair access.


The following north coast beaches have wheelchair access ramps: Costa Dorada Be Live Marien, Costa Dorada Iberostar, Playa Dorada I, Playa Dorada Blue Jack Tar.

Adventure Parks

The Monkey Jungle Park in Sosua, one of the north coast’s most important beach destinations, features a special tour of the facility for children with autism, including zipline rides.

Aquatic Parks

Ocean World. The park is fully equipped with access ramps for wheelchair access. Also, all bathrooms have special stalls for wheelchair users.

Other Important Attractions

Puerto Plata’s Cable Car. All cars can easily accommodate wheelchairs.
For information: (809) 970-0501.

San Felipe Fort. This historic fort, one of the first built in the New World, now features special wheelchair ramps.
For information: (809) 261-1911.

Shopping Centers

Playa Dorada Mall and Plaza Milano Shopping Center. These two trendy malls have special parking spaces for the handicapped.





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