The Dominican Republic: Gastronomic Capital of the Caribbean 2017

The Dominican Republic was recently declared the Capital of Caribbean Gastronomic Culture by the Ibero-American Academy of Gastronomy and the Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy.

To mark this international recognition, during all of 2017 the country will host an intense program of culinary activities.

The Ibero-American Academy of Gastronomy was created in 2009 in Seville, Spain, and its goal is to promote “the research, dissemination and protection of cuisine and gastronomic activities in the Ibero-American regions and its people.

Also, to watch over the purity of local traditions, support modernization processes and promote comprehensive actions in the field of international cooperation and solidarity.”

Aside from Spain, other member nations are: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Portugal, Peru, Chile, Argentina, United States, Cuba, Panama, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

The Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy is also dedicated to the study and dissemination of Spanish cuisine throughout the world.

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