New Lighting Features Sheds a different light to Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone

At the end of the afternoon, the city of Santo Domingo is bathed in a variety of copper tones. It is twilight time.

Newly renovated, vibrant and dynamic, the city’s Colonial Zone welcomes visitors to beautiful tropical evenings lighted with new LED lights in the sector’s streets and public squares.

Visitors to the Colonial Zone can now walk or ride in a vehicle very similar to the traditional Italian Vespa, equipped with enough space for up to four passengers.

The comfortable vehicle will take tourists on a 40-minute tour of the Zone, providing plenty of time to receive all the necessary information related to this historic area of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.

It will be a direct encounter with the Colonial Zone, as well as with its very active nightlife.

The recently installed LED lighting, adapted to the architecture of the colonial buildings, gives the Colonial City a completely different feeling.

The lighting becomes a unifying link that brings together the various architectural elements that make this area a true historic landmark.

The transformation of the historic center is evident, not only through the major works carried out in many of its most important structures but also through the increased security measures introduced to provide tourists and residents with a safe community.





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