Dominican Authorities Promote Use of Alternative Energy Fuels in Aviation Industry

Dominican civil aviation authorities announced that they would begin to promote the development and use of alternative fuels in the industry, using sugar cane as a basic ingredient.

The decision was adopted during a recent meeting with the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Officials from the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the National Council on Climate Change, the Civil Aviation Board, the National Energy Commission and the Ports/Airports Department, signed the Punta Cana Declaration where the goals of the Project were clearly established.

The Declaration promotes the need to launch research projects to develop the use of sugarcane in the production of biofuels for the use of the aviation industry.

The sugarcane industry is one of the country’s oldest, and it could be used to produce alternative fuel for the aviation industry without interfering with the production of sugar, alcohol or the environment. This industry could encourage development in economically depressed regions.

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