Tourist Arrival to the D.R. Jumps by 7% During January-October

The arrival of international tourists to the Dominican Republic registered a healthy 7.1% growth during the January-October this year.

The number of tourists from the United States jumped by 5%, while tourists from Canada (3%), Venezuela (19%), Germany (9%), England (17%) and Russia by 74%.

Incoming tourists from the European Union jumped by 10%, from South America by 8% and from North America by 4%.

At the same time, the number of foreigners and Dominican nationals living abroad who visited the country during this time period reached a record high of 4.9 million passengers, a healthy growth of 324,100 travelers compared to the same time period in 2015.

Of this number, 84.3% were foreign tourists (273,324 passengers) and 15.7% were Dominicans living abroad.


During this specific time period there was a 4.6% growth in the number of tourists originating in North America.

In total, 109,100 additional visitors traveled to the country from the United States (87,825), Canada (17,528) and Mexico (3,747).


The number of European tourists visiting the country also experienced significant growth during January-October 2016.  In total, there were 90,250 additional tourists that entered the country through its international airports.

The data shows that there were significant increases in the number coming from Russia (38,472), England (19,967), Germany (18,037), Poland (11,333), Switzerland (4,401), Belgium (3,303) and Sweden (2,696).

South America

The South American market grew by 7.9% in the period, with significant jumps in the number of visitors from Venezuela (22,526), Colombia (19,368), Uruguay (9,451) and Peru (6,177).

Central America-Caribbean

Visitors from Central America and the Caribbean also experienced a 16.5% growth (30,928 additional visitors), specifically from Panama (13,333), Puerto Rico (7,330), Cuba (5,590) and Trinidad and Tobago (2,771).

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