Procigar Festival 2017 Scheduled for February 19-24

The Association of Cigar Producers of the Dominican Republic announced the celebration of the Festival, a one-of-a kind event in the entire Caribbean.

The event will be held in Punta Cana and Santiago, the country’s second largest city.

This year, the Festival’s theme will be “An Unforgettable Experience in the Heart of the Caribbean.”

Festival participants will also be able to enjoy various activities in some of Punta Cana’s most beautiful beaches, as well as visit the “Tabacalera de Garcia,” in La Romana, one of the country’s top cigar factories.

Organizers announced that this year some 300 participants, from 20 countries, will participate in the event which will take place in the eastern city of Punta Cana and in Santiago, in the country’s central region.

In Santiago, the Cigar Capital of the World, participants will be able to visit some of the world’s top tobacco plantations, cigar factories, as well as other planned activities.

During the closing dinner, organizers have announced a charity raffle. All proceeds will be donated to one of Santiago’s most important monuments and to a local children’s organization.

The Procigar Festival has become an important international event, with the participation of world-class tobacco publications, such as: Cigar Aficionado, Smoke & Smokeshop, Tobacconist, Cigar Magazine, European Cigar Journal, Cigar Clan, Cigar Report, Cigar Ambassador, L’Amateur Du Cigarre, “La Boutique del Fumador,” Epicur, and Florida Cigar Snob.

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