Netflix Premiers Film Produced in the Dominican Republic

The Netflix online movie platform recently premiered its original production “The True Memories of an International Assassin,” shot in the Dominican Republic.

The action movie is directed by Jeff Wadlow, and features Kevin James, Andy Garcia, Kim Coates and Kelen Coleman, Zulay Henao, Emilie Ullerup, Yul Vazquez and Maurice Compte.

The Palm Star Media and Global Film Group production for Netflix shot important location scenes in the capital city of Santo Domingo, the beachfront community of Boca Chica – situated some 30 minutes east of Santo Domingo and in Monte Plata, on the country’s northeast region.

The important tax incentives offered by the local authorities to the film industry, has generated tremendous interest in the country in the international film community.

The Story

The film tells the story of Sam Larson (Kevin James), a common citizen who dedicates most of his time writing a book on an international assassination plot.

He labels his work a “non-fiction” novel. This leads many to believe that Sam is an international assassin.

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