Puerto Plata: A 3 km boardwalk embracing the sea

The Puerto Plata boardwalk spans three kilometers and it’s suitable for any activity that involves recreation, sports, cultural enjoyment, relaxation … or just have a good time and share unforgettable moments.

Since its inauguration in 1971, it is the focus of recreation for natives and visitors. Shaped as a snake It has a backbone of 1174 cement benches, its head is an attractive tourist park and landscape, and in the tail, we find a sculptural copy of the Michelangelo’s David, guarded by the trident of a Neptune that hails with zeal from a sea-going cay.

This privileged place is the most important tourist icon of the North Coast and has a little of everything: From the square to sit or lie down, to the stage for the most rumbos parties; From bike paths or hiking trails to ramps to 20 exits to the sea, where you can let yourself be caressed by the fine white sand, bathe or fish on the warm beach that offers the Atlantic Ocean.

On the Malecon, in addition, it highlights the building of the Respectable Restoration Lodge No. 11, inaugurated in 1902 and the renewed Barracks of the Fire Department, built in 1930.

The boardwalk has been restored twice (2006 and 2016), each time new attractions have been added. In the first restoration ten booths for small restaurants and bars and public baths; And in the second, La Puntilla Park and an amphitheater for artistic and cultural activities was created, which can house 4,000 people.


This tourist and landscape park has modernized the head of the Malecon. From the square that makes entrance and honor to the late Juan Lockward, to the fort (remembrance of colonial Spain) that since 1577 is committed to protect the bay.

The circular amphitheater seems to be guarded by the luminous eye of a historical lighthouse installed in 1879. An equestrian statue of the hero Gregorio Luperón, a bust of the Cuban independence activist Antonio Maceo, is also highlighted.

The Puerto Plata boardwalk is a beautiful place with cultural attractions, excellent to spend a good time, relax or just to walk … is a popular area that is the pride of the Puerto Plateños.

Text: Sergio Cueto

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