Tourists Spend More in Punta Cana than Anywhere Else in the Region

Punta Cana is the Latin American region where international tourists who use a MasterCard credit card spend the most money. During 2015-2016 visitors to Punta Cana, on the country’s eastern region, consumed US$2.9 billion with their international credit card, followed by Mexico City (US$2.2 billion), reports the Annual Report of MasterCard Global Destination Cities.

At the same time, Punta Cana registered a 7.3% growth rate, the third highest in the region.

During the January-August 2016 period Punta Cana’s airport handled 2.4 million passengers, the highest in the country.

Also, during this same time period 66.9% of international tourists visited the country through Punta Cana’s international airport.

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