Puerto Plata’s Cable Car: A Symbol of the North Coast City

Puerto Plata’s iconic cable car system is situated in the “Isabel de Torres” mountain, the highest peak in the region – more than a thousand meters above sea level.  From the mountain, visitors will enjoy a truly breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, including the majestic Atlantic Ocean and the city of Puerto Plata, the largest in the country’s north coast.

The new cable car system consists of two cabins, two stations and supporting tower cables.

During the 10-minute climb, national and international visitors will take in the impressive panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

The temperature on the mountain is generally cool, dropping down to 17 C. (62 F.).

Sometimes the fog will roll in and cover the “Isabel de Torres” mountain with a slight miss.

As a symbol of the colonization of the Americas, a flower garden – with the names of the Spanish Catholic Kings, Ferdinand and Isabella, who spearheaded the colonization process –   have been etched on the side of the mountain.

The dome situated near the Christ the Redeemer statue, on top of the hill, was built by dictator Rafael Trujillo to be used to install anti-aircraft military equipment to “protect” the city from possible foreign invasions.

Christ the Redeemer

This 16-meter tall statue, dedicated to Christ the Redeemer, was subsequently twinned with the Christ of Corcovado Statue, the most important symbol of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.


Puerto Plata’s cable car is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean.  It officially opened on July 19, 1975 and was designed by Dominican architect Cristian Martinez who was inspired by the installation, in 1970, of the Christ the Redeemer statue. Construction on the road that leads visitors to the top of the mountain began in June 1971.

The Italian company Ceretti and Tanfani was contracted to supply all the necessary equipment and installation of the cable cars.

In 1973, engineer Benjamin Paewonsky was responsible for creating the botanical garden found at the top of the mountain.

The cable car operates Monday to Sunday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Telephone: (809) 970-0501

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