Number of Tourists to the D.R. Grows by 8.1% in August

The arrival of international tourists to the Dominican Republic during the month of August registered a growth of 8.1%, for a total of 502,320 visitors coming in through the country’s international airports, reported the D.R. Central Bank.  This number represents a healthy growth of 32,265 additional tourists.

According to the Dominican Central Bank, 53.9% of tourists arrived from North America, 25.5% from Europe, 14.2% from South America, 6.2% from Central America and the Caribbean, and the remaining 0.2% from Asia and the rest of the world.

During that particular month, Europe was the biggest contributor with 17,767 additional travelers (a 19.3% annual growth).

This increase was generated by the growth of other European markets, such as Russia (10,093); England (3,820); France (3,071); Poland (1,878); and Germany (1,024), among others.

During the months of January-August the registered growth was 7.0%, compared to the same period last year.


The number of foreign tourists and Dominicans visiting the country during the first eight months of the year reached a record high with 4,165,198 traveling through the country’s international airports.  That number represents an increase of 272,306 travelers, in comparison to the same period in 2015.

This number reveals that 82.6% of all arrivals are foreign tourists (224,939), while the remaining 47,367 (17.4%) are Dominican nationals living abroad.


Divided by region, the data reflects a growth of 5% in the number of visitors from North America.  In total, the number reflects an additional 88,535 coming from the United States; 13,044 from Canada; and 3,110 from Mexico.


The number of European tourists traveling to the country jumped by 6.8% (49,723) during this time period and, the data also reveals the recovery of the European market as well as the growth of other European countries: Russia (18,958), England (14,261), Germany (13,880), and Poland (8,360).

South America

South America grew by 10.4%, which in absolute terms represents an additional 43,273 tourists compared to the same time period in 2015.  This growth was driven by an increase in the arrival of visitors from Venezuela (31,039), Colombia (16,147), Uruguay (7,478) and Peru (6,520).

The Caribbean

The arrival of visitors from Central America and the Caribbean also indicates an impressive 18% increase (22,726 tourists), with Panama (11,639), Puerto Rico (7,430) and Cuba (4,970) heading the list.

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