“Aromas”: A Museum that Features Rum, Coffee, Cocoa and the Larimar

The recently inaugurated Aromas Museum recently opened in Punta Cana, on the Dominican Republic’s easternmost region.

This innovative private museum is dedicated to the production of rum, coffee, cigars, cocoa, and “Larimar” – the semi-precious stone found only in the Dominican Republic – in the country.

The museum also highlights the Taino culture and the traditions found only in the Dominican countryside.

The museum offers visitors tours that will take them to various local and nearby farms where some of these products are harvested and produced.

The “Taino Passion” tour runs for approximately four hours, and includes transportation from the hotel to the “Aroma Museum” and visits to nearby farms.

The tour is approximately US$55 for tourists and, for Dominicans, the entrance fee to the museum is of RD$100 (US$2.50). The museum shop sells many of the items featured in the museum.

Taino Culture

The “Aroma Museum” displays dozens of pieces representing the culture of the native Tainos, the original inhabitants of the island before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors.

The museum features some of the original tools used by the Tainos as well as ceramic pieces of the gods they worshipped.

Also featured is a traditional Dominican countryside stove with earthenware jugs, the traditional countryside coffee maker, and a wooden pestle to “grind” rice and coffee beans.

There is also an exhibit that explains the techniques used locally to roast coffee and prepare cocoa, another than features the replica of a sugarcane and coffee plantations, and also features exquisite pieces of Larimar stones and jewelry.


The Larimar is a semi-precious blue stone found only in the Dominican Republic’s southwest region. It is the country’s “National Stone” and local craftsmen and jewelers create beautiful pieces set in gold and silver.

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