During July 2016 Tourist Arrivals Jumps by an Impressive 9%

During the first seven months of 2016, the number of tourists visiting the D.R. surpassed the three million mark, an increase of 6.4% in comparison to the same time period last year.

One of the largest generators of this impressive number is the U.S. market.

Only in July, more than six hundred thousand tourists visited the country, including non-resident Dominicans.

Regarding the healthy increase in the number of visitors during the first seven months of 2016, 81.7% were foreign tourists (192,674 passengers), and 18.3% were Dominicans living abroad (43,118 passengers).

Overall, North America contributed to 60.5% of all visiting tourists; Europe 19.4%, South America 11.7%, Central America and the Caribbean, 8.3%, and Asia and the rest of the world, 0.1%

United States

The North American continent contributed with 98,876 additional visitors, most of them from the United States (84,660 additional visitors).  Currently, the U.S. market is the country’s main source of tourism.


Europe continued to recover from its recent economic crisis and during the January-July period, the number of tourists from the Old Continent jumped by 5%. The majority of European tourists came from Germany (12,856 additional tourists); England, (10,441); Russia, (8,865), and Poland, (6,482).

The bright spot in this particular are the Russian tourists, which grew by 24% from 36,455 to 45,320 tourists.  These numbers put an end to a long period of decline in the number of Russian tourists visiting the country.

South America

The South American nations recorded an increase of 11.6%, to 41,380 additional foreign visitors.  The majority of tourists came from Venezuela (29,322); Colombia (15,469); Uruguay (6,932) and Peru (5,952).

Central America and the Caribbean presented a cumulative growth of 15.5%, representing 20,832 additional visitors.

An Impressive Record:  9% Growth Registered in July

Of the 619, 724 tourists that traveled to the D.R. during July – recording a growth of 9% – 60.5% came from North America; 19.4% from Europe; 11.7% from South America and 8.3% from Central America and the Caribbean.

The largest number of tourists came from the U.S., with an additional 22,673; Canada, with 5,563; Russia, 4,675; Venezuela, 4,262; Panama, 3,567; Germany, 2,843; Peru, 2,165 and Poland, 2,154.

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