Tourism School Wins Medals at the World Culinary Cup

The Dominican “Serrania” Vocational School recently won bronze medals in the Junior Category at the World Culinary Cup, held in Costa Rica.

Students from all over Latin America participated in the international culinary event.

The Dominican participants, all sophomores from the local vocational school – situated in the mountain-region town of Jarabacoa – won Bronze medals with the presentation of various creative typical dishes.

The team presented an innovative menu that consisted of a small mashed-plantain basket stuffed with conch salad, yucca cones with shrimp paste and a fresh tomato filling as appetizers.

The menu’s main course included stuffed pork fillet with sauce, pigeon peas and coconut croquette and special dishes made with green beans, carrots and pearl onions.

The team’s dessert proposal included the traditional “Tres Leches” (Three-Milk Cake) with a special gourmet touch, Italian pudding, Mango and Passion Fruit Sauce, Crispy Almonds, and Mint Chocolate Ganache to decorate the desserts.

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