Santo Domingo Fair Will Promote D.R.’s Cultural Expressions

“Your Country: Cultural and Tourism Fair” will provide national and international visitors with some of the country’s most important cultural expressions and tourist attractions.

The fair, scheduled from July 21-24, will be held at the Sambil Shopping Center, situated on Kennedy Avenue, in the northern section of the city. The event is being organized by the  TARGET company.

The fair has been designed with an open format and will be free to the general public.  Visitors will enjoy locally-made products, arts and crafts, cultural workshops, folk dance groups, Dominican food, cooking classes, live artistic performances, and plenty of entertainment for the children.

Various local tourism clusters, from the country’s different regions, will bring in their region’s top artisans, folk artists, cultural representatives and chefs specializing in Dominican food, and Carnival-oriented activities, to mention but a few.

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