Number of Tourists Visiting the D.R. Jumps by 4.5% During First Semester 2016

These positive numbers are in comparison to the same time period in 2015.  Overall, the highest number of tourists visiting the country originated in the United States with an additional 61,000 tourists.

South America registered an increase of 12.6%, representing 37,651 additional visitors in comparison to 2015 numbers. Countries reporting higher number of tourists: Venezuela (25,060); Colombia (13,527); Uruguay (6,502) and Peru (3,798).


The arrival of visitors from Central American and the Caribbean presents a remarkable growth of 19.5%, which in numbers translates to an additional 18,179 tourists.  Puerto Rico (6,130); Panama (5,337) and Cuba (4,012) lead the list of Central America and Caribbean nations that have increased the number of nationals traveling to the D.R.


The European market grew by 3.4%, with the largest number of visitors coming from Germany (10,013), England (9,606), Poland (4,317), Russia (4,190) and Sweden (2,817).


The arrival of international visitors through the country’s airports, between January-June 2016, reveals that Punta Cana’s international airport handled 66.5% of all incoming tourists (773,531 passengers).

Santo Domingo’s Las Americas International Airport handled 16.9% of all visitors to the country, while Puerto Plata’s airport terminal, on the north coast, handled nine percent. Other international airports – La Romana, Santiago, La Isabela and El Catey, in Samana – processed 7.5% of all incoming travelers.

During the month of June alone, some 516,590 national and international passengers arrived through the country’s international airports.  According to the authorities, this is a record number for the month of June, revealing a 7.5% in growth (36,175 additional travelers), compared to the same month in 2015.


The number of international visitors accounted for 85.2% of passengers traveling to the Dominican Republic during June, representing a 7.8% increase in comparison to the same period in 2015 (31,796 additional visitors). In addition, the arrival of non-resident Dominicans represented 14.8% of all incoming visitors.  This group also experienced a solid 6.1% growth (4,379 additional passengers from 2015).

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