DR Jazz Festival to Celebrate 20th Anniversary in November

The very popular Dominican Republic Jazz Festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary this coming November.

Festival organizers announced the event will take place November 8 to 12 in the following venues: the “Centro Leon” Cultural Center in Santiago, the country’s second most important city, Cabarete Beach – the windsurf capital of the Caribbean – and Puerto Plata, the north coast’s most important city.  For the first time in its 20-year history, the Festival will also be held in Santo Domingo, the capital city.

The musical event is organized by the Educational Foundation for the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism.

The Festival will open on November 8th in Santo Domingo and will continue on the 9th in Santiago, at the Leon Cultural Center.

On November 10th the Festival heads up to Puerto Plata, on the north coast, and will conclude on the 11th and 12th in Cabarete Beach, also on the north coast.

The Foundation has also included in the Festival’s program workshops and classes for young music students. Also, jam sessions with some of the visiting musicians.

For this special 20th anniversary, the Festival will be dedicated to women jazz musicians.  All events will be headed by top women jazz musicians.  The theme of the Festival is the promotion of gender equality and an end to violence against women.

The Dominican Republic Jazz Festival is free to the general public.  In 2015, more than 12,000 attended the jazz concerts.


The Festival promotes the cultural exchange between the D.R. and other jazz-loving nations, and offers special music-oriented programs for some 200 children and young adults in the country’s public schools.

The students receive piano, guitar, percussion, violin, cello, saxophone, and flute and trumpet classes.

At the same, while waiting for their children to conclude their special musical training, some 40 of the student’s mothers and women from various communities receive training on how to make jewelry, handbags and carpets with the support of the Dominican Technical Institute.


This year there will be a special exhibit, depicting the graphic history of the festival, organized by plastic artist Adolfo Faringthon.

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