Dominican Sweet Treats in Santo Domingo

True Dominican desserts can sometimes be overshadowed by such foreign treats as brownies and cheesecakes.  However, these traditional local desserts have one important advantage over most sweet treats: they are usually all home-made with fresh or entirely organic products, including the flour used, and many of them are made with honey. Another important factor is that they can be easily purchased in local stores or supermarkets in the Greater Santo Domingo area.

“La Casa de los Dulces” (The House of Sweets)

This very special store is known for its freshly-made Dominican desserts. One of their most popular treats is the Sweet Milk Candy, made with different natural fillings from local tropical fruit.  It is one of the best places to buy freshly-made coconut cookies, natural jelly and dried fruit.  All at very affordable prices.

Address:  Arzobispo Meriño Street/Corner of Emiliano Tejera Street, Colonial Zone

Telephone: 809 685 0785

 “Casa Virginia”

Very well known in Santo Domingo for their excellent desserts, it is one of the oldest pastry shops of its kind in Santo Domingo.  Also situated in the city’s Colonial Zone.

Address:  Santome St./Corner of Arzobispo Portes.

Telephone: 809 333 9001


This new pastry shop has quickly made a name for itself in the world of Dominican sweets and desserts.  Their products symbolize Dominican culture, its people, aroma and traditions.  Use a vernacular housing and achieves a unique presentation.

Address: Winston Churchill Avenue/Corner Paseo de los Locutores

Plaza Las Americas/First Floor

Telephone: 809 565 3988

“Willy & Chic Dominicana”

This is probably one of the city’s highly recommended distributors of everything the dessert industry in Santo Domingo needs.

Address: Los Beisbolistas #20, Manoguayabo

Telephone: 809 333 7067

“Cosas de Mi País” (Things From My Country)

The story of this candy shop began when owner Carlos Estrella, a traveling salesman, who became familiar with some of the best restaurants in the country.  That’s how this popular shop got started.  The goal was to rescue and reintroduce some of the country’s best desserts.  Many had been forgotten through the passage of time.  But today, both national and international guests can rediscover some of the best sweets the D.R. has to offer. There are currently four “Cosas de mi Pais” shops in the Greater Santo Domingo area:

Supermercado Nacional: 27 de febrero Avenue/Corner of Lincoln Avenue and on Tiradentes Avenue; Agora, Mall and Megacentro Mall.

Telephone: 809 473 4573

“Mi Vieja” (My Mom)

This very popular pastry shop opened in 1988 in Santo Domingo.  Owner Josefina Mieses opened the shop to honor her mother, Josefa Arias, who passed on to her daughter some of her best dessert recipes.  Thanks to these recipes, Ms. Mieses was able to reintroduce some typical Dominican sweets that had literally been lost in time. The shop has won multiple first place awards in food festivals, specifically with its coconut and pineapple dessert.

Address: Camila Henríquez Ureña 42, casi esquina Núñez de Cáceres, entre 27 de febrero y Rómulo Betancourt. Tel. 809 535 8042

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