Excellent Coffee in “Las Terrenas,” on the Country’s Northeast Coast

If you are a true coffee lover the northeast coastal town of “Las Terrenas,” on the country’s northeast region, is the place to visit.  The once sleepy fishing village, and now one of the country’s most important tourism enclaves, offers visitors the best coffee in the region.  Top-quality coffee is available in many coffee shops around town, where national and international visitors will stroll in attracted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Boulangerie Francaise

Situated on Duarte Street, one of the town’s most important streets, visitors will find one of the best French bakeries in the region.  The Boulangerie Francaise has made sure that the town of “Las Terrenas” always has the best French bread in the region.

The bakery’s coffees are a true delight that will certainly stimulate and awaken your senses. The bakery also features a small menu and special daily dishes.

Caffé Leopard

The owners of the new Caffé Leopard – a Dominican psychologist and a Greek physician from New York – have spent long months tasting some of the best coffee in the Dominican Republic to determine which one is the very best.  After visiting fairs, local farmers and coffee specialists, the couple has taken all the necessary steps to bring the very best coffee to their tables.

This world-traveled couple has created an environment where the Caffé has become an extension of their home. A peaceful atmosphere is what visitors will find when settling down for a tasty sandwich or a healthy salad, or simply to enjoy a light snack or a hearty breakfast, Manhattan style.

To visit the Caffé Leopard is to enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee, obtained by blending top-quality beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and the Dominican Republic.  In addition to carefully choosing the beans, the Caffé Leopard takes into consideration other important details, such as filtered water, a crucially important ingredient in the making of excellent coffee. The milk used in the Caffé is all natural and is kept in the refrigerator from where it is taken when needed and heated, an important process to get a rich and consistent cream.

Good Food

The increasingly fashionable healthy lifestyles have contributed to the opening of health-oriented restaurants.  Good Food is one of these restaurants, and the only one of its kind in “Las Terrenas.”  This special little corner, located in one of the main streets of this coastal town, is a journey through time and remote locations.  The restaurant, its flavors and different types of aromas leads the visitors to exotic places.  It is an oasis of peace, where the visitor will enjoy a varied organic, vegetarian and vegan menu.

Good Food also offers a variety of freshly squeezed or prepared juices and special shakes, all made with coconut or almond milk.

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