Whale Watching Tours in Country’s North Coast Jump by 19%

The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources reported that 55,000 national and international tourists visited the Bay of Samana, on the country’s northeast region, to participate in the local whale watching tours.

This number represents an impressive jump over last year’s overall numbers.

Minister of the Environment Bautista Rojas Gomez said that the most important whale observation point was the town of Samana, registering 42,056 visitors, followed by “Las Cañitas,” in the town of  “Sabana de la Mar,” with 9,677 tourists and the northeast town of Miches, with 2,100.

The Ministry authorities estimated that this year some 40-50,000 visitors would visit the area.

The Whale Watching Season

The humpback whales begin their long migration journey to the Atlantic waters off the Dominican Republic’s north coast from Greenland and the North Atlantic during the first weeks of the year.

While in the warm waters of the Atlantic, the whales mate and deliver their calves.

Their visit is one of the most beautiful natural spectacles in the Caribbean. The whale watching season usually ends at the end of March.

This year, the Ministry celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Whale Sanctuary, created to protect these magnificent marine mammals.

It also celebrated the 10th anniversary of the joint project with the U.S. Stellwagen Sanctuary.

Samana Bay is the premier place for whale watching in the entire Caribbean region.

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