Top 10 Reasons to Visit Northwest City of Montecristi

The northwest border region city of Montecristi has important roots in Dominican history. Overlooking the Atlantic coast, and situated 90 minutes northwest of Santiago – the country’s second largest city and approximately two hours west of Puerto Plata – the city is rich in Dominican history and boasts some of the country’s most important ecological, agricultural and industrial landmarks.

Some of the city’s top tourist attractions:

  1. The region is home to 40% of the country’s mangrove forests
  2. It is home to the country’s Salt Interpretation Center, where salt is extracted from seawater, a tradition that has been carried out for more than four generations.
  3. The nearby coral reefs are the largest in the D.R.
  4. During the last four years it has become the most important center for migratory birds in the Caribbean.
  5. It is the birthplace of the Heroes of the Restoration, the men who defeated the Spanish army during the 19th century war to regain national independence. Their remains lay in Montecristi’s Cemetery.
  6. The nearby ocean waters are rich in underwater archeology, with a record 261 sunken galleons discovered and registered by national and international experts.
  7. The region is the world’s largest producer of organic bananas.
  8. There is a total of nine protected areas in the region.
  9. It is the only province in the country with aloe vera and capers plantations.
  10. It is home to the only metal 19th century tower clock that still works with its original mechanical system.  The clock is the city’s main symbol.

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