New Highway Facilitates Travel to Punta Cana Tourism Region

The Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Public Works recently opened an additional 40 kilometers of the modern highway that now connects Punta Cana’s international airport with the country’s beautiful and pristine northeast region.  The Four Seasons brand of super luxury hotels recently announced the construction of its first facility in the country, specifically in the northeast town of Miches.  The new highway will facilitate travel to the region.

The new highway links the northeast town of Miches with the town of Sabana de la Mar, an off-the-beaten-path tourism destination situated in the southern coastline of Samana Bay.

This particular bay has been included on the list of the “Most Beautiful Bays in the World,” and is the traditional place where hundreds of whales meet during January-March to mate and deliver their calves. It is the Caribbean’s most important whale-watching region.

Last year the government opened this new stretch of highway that will bring the Punta Cana region with 80 kilometers of exceptional beaches, natural lakes, rivers, plains and hills.

This new highway is part of the Punta Cana – Sabana de la Mar highway, approximately 112 kilometers of incredible coastline territory.

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