Punta Cana Airport Included Among the Best in the Western Hemisphere

The Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) was chosen among the top three airports in all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The airport received the “Airport Service Quality” award, issued by the International Council of Airports for its impressive handling of approximately two million passengers per year.

Airports from all over the world, including 17 from Latin America and the Caribbean, were evaluated by passengers who voted on 34 key indicators reflecting the quality of the airport’s administration and customer service.

The PUJ currently receives more than 60% of all flights and passengers traveling to the Dominican Republic.

Last year the facility received 3.2 million foreigners, an impressive increase of 9.41% in comparison to 2014 figures. In the last five years the terminal has registered a sustained increase of more than 7%.

The terminal has undergone constant expansion since its opening in 1984. In November 2014 the airport opened its new Terminal B and, in December of 2015, Terminal A was completely revamped and modernized.

In May 2015 the airport received clearance to clear passengers traveling to the U.S. as if it was a terminal operating in U.S. territory.

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