Project Underway to Rescue Victorian Homes in Eastern Region Province

The project coordinators announced that the facade of some 200 Anglo-Caribbean homes will be carried out by the Civil Development Commission of “La Altagracia” Province and the cultural group “Boa Mistura” from Madrid, Spain.

The goal is to preserve the authentic architecture of the town of Higuey, capital of the eastern region province that is also home to Punta Cana, one of the Caribbean’s most important tourism destinations.

Some of these homes were originally built more than 100 years ago.

The project was launched with the reconstruction of a home situated in one of the town’s oldest streets, in the old “El Tamarindo” neighborhood.

All homes will be painted with the vibrant colors of the Caribbean, one of the main characteristics of these old structures.

The Victorian Anglo-Caribbean style is part of the city’s traditional architecture.  Once the project is concluded, the homes will become an important attraction for both national and foreign tourists visiting the city.

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