One Million Tourists Visit the D.R. During January-February 2016

The number of tourists visiting the D.R. jumped by 8.4% during the month of February, representing 40,310 additional visitors in comparison to the same time period in 2015.

Even more impressive is that during the first two months of the year the number of tourists visiting the country reached the one million mark, reports the Dominican Central Bank.

The United States registered an additional 15,922 (10.1%) visitors during this time period, and Venezuela – with 6,617 (91.2%) – came in second.


During the January-February 2016 period, the number of tourists visiting the D.R. jumped by 77,305.  In total, 1,039,067 tourists visited during this two-month period.

The increase indicates that 79.8% of the new arrivals are foreign tourists (61,683), while the remaining 20.2% were Dominican citizens who live abroad (15,622).

At the same time, 61.6% of all tourists visiting the D.R. are from North America, 23.1% from Europe, 11.8% from South America, 3.2% from Central America and the Caribbean, and the remaining 0.3% from Asia and from other nations.

International Markets

In terms of growth during January and February, 7.5% corresponded to North American visitors (38,899 additional visitors), most of them from the United States of America (26,598 visitors).

South America, on the other hand, recorded a significant increase of 16% (16,577) in the number of tourists traveling to the country during the first two months. Venezuela led the list with 12,615 visitors; Colombia (4,998); Argentina (3,470) and Uruguay (1,677).

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