Last January 58% of Tourists Traveling to the D.R. Came From the United States and Canada

In January 2016, 58% of all tourists arriving by air to the D.R. came from North America, 25.1% from Europe, 14.1% from South America and 2.7% from Central America and the Caribbean, according to official statistics.

During last January an additional 10,676 U.S. citizens traveled to the country through its various airports, while 9,867 visited from Canada.

In the case of South America, the data reveals a significant 17.5% increase in comparison to the same time period in 2015. In total, 9,753 additional tourists traveled to the country from this region.

The South American nations with the highest number of tourists traveling to the country were Venezuela (5,998); Argentina (3,435); Colombia (2,846; and Uruguay (1,040).

Nations such as Poland, Germany, England, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Belgium also increased the number of tourists visiting the country.

In total, Punta Cana’s international airport received the largest number of visitors – approximately 302,287 – equivalent to 65% of all tourists visiting the country.

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