Royalton and CHIC Punta Cana Hotels Honored for their Environmental Practices

The Dominican Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources recently recognized the efforts carried out by the Royalton and CHIC Punta Cana hotels, both members of the Blue Diamond Hotel & Resorts chain, and awarded them both the National Award for Cleaner Production, an award issued to those businesses who have introduced and implement sound environmental practices.

The Royalton Punta Cana is a beachfront 485-room, all-inclusive facility, while CHIC is an all-inclusive 319-room beachfront hotel, for adults-only.

Both hotels were chosen for the efforts they have carried out to reduce the amount of waste produced by both facilities, optimizing their production processes and recycling policies, and for the efficient and environmentally friendly elimination of solid waste materials.

Also included on the list was the substitution by the hotels of materials and/or chemicals that hurt the environment.

The National Award for Cleaner Production seeks to promote and encourage strategies and policies that will strengthen the sustainable use of resources in the Dominican Republic.

Alexander Freeland, the Sustainable Tourism Coordinator of the Blue Diamond hotels in the Dominican Republic, explained that the initiatives introduced -which earned them the prestigious prize – have had a significant impact on the overall environmental, social and economic well-being of its hotels.

Recycling and Less Use of Straws

Freeland explained that some of the sustainable healthy practices introduced by the Blue Diamond chain of hotels are, to mention but a few, the use of biodegradable products; the recycling of paper, cardboard and glass; efficient use of towels and linens by raising awareness on the importance of water conservation among guests and employees; significant reduction of the use of straws; elimination of foam cups (expanded polystyrene), and other non-recyclable materials.

In addition, the information and knowledge on sound environmental recycling practices are shared with surrounding communities through neighborhood councils and schools.

Saving 756 Trees

The Royalton Punta Cana and CHIC Punta Cana hotels have recycled, since the launching of the innovative program in November 2015, more than 44,000 kilograms of cardboard which translates to the conservation of 756 trees.

The Hotels

The 485-room Royalton Punta Cana is an all-inclusive beachfront hotel that offers its guests a luxury facility for families and adults.

The CHIC Punta Cana is also an all-inclusive, adults-only, 319-room beachfront facility.

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