February Ushers in Dominican Carnival Season

One of the most colorful traditions of Dominicans is Carnival, which runs from February to March and is celebrated in the streets of many local villages, towns and cities. The color devilish masks – accompanied by the satirical, the grotesque, and images of daily lives and a world of imaginary figures, are essential to the Carnival atmosphere.

Local tour operators offer visitors tour packages to the country’s most popular and colorful Carnival celebrations. Tours are organized to Carnival celebrations held in the central region towns of La Vega and Santiago, as well as to the big Carnival celebration in Santo Domingo.

In the last few years other cities and towns have begun to organize their own Carnival celebrations. For example, the Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and Rio San Juan carnivals have also become solid attractions in their respective regions. In the town of San Pedro de Macoris, situated one hour east of Santo Domingo, the famous “Guloya” dancers – declared in 2005 as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity – continue to offer their particular brand of Carnival.

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