The Forgotten Mountain Range

The Dominican Republic is home to beautiful mountain ranges that can be easily appreciated from afar.

However, there are also some particular mountain ranges that are worth an up close and personal visit.

This is the case of the Martin Garcia Mountain Range, situated in the country’s southwest region near the city of Azua.

This particular mountain range becomes one with the Caribbean Sea, making it one of the most beautiful attractions in the region.

To reach this protected area from Santo Domingo, visitors must take the November 6th Highway and then on to the main highway of the country’s southwest region.

In the proximity of the foothills is the town of “Barreras.” From there, visitors will begin their march up to the mountains.

Also near the village is the “Cueva del Indio” (Cave of the Indian), which still features some samples of pre-Hispanic rock art.

At the foot of the mountains, and very close to the Caribbean Sea coastline visitors will discover some of the country’s most beautiful, isolated and pristine beaches.

For more information, please contact the Vice-Ministry of Protected Areas.

Telephone: 809-567-4300


Adolfo Lopez
Environmental Consultant


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