Eco-Tourism and the Dominican Countryside Come Together

In the rural community of “Los Bueyes,” near the city of Moca – in the country’s central region – visitors will find the eco-tourism lodge of “Sereno de la Montaña” (Mountain Dew Lodge). It is the perfect spot for all those interested in coming in close contact with the beauty of the Dominican countryside.

Visitors are quickly swept away with the beauty of the surrounding hills and valleys, as well as the silence and tranquility that seem to take over all the senses.

In the “Sereno de la Montaña” Ecolodge (829-424-7070; visitors can camp outdoors, go tubing, horseback riding, kayaking and, of course, hike through many of the scenic trails in the region.

When visiting this eco-tourism site, visitors are also supporting the local community. The complex consists of two lodges, with five bedrooms each, a private bathroom and truly impressive mountain views.

The ranch itself offers separate bedrooms for 2-4 guests and family rooms, for 4-6 guests. What will shock the visitor will be the incredible rates for such a pristine facility. An additional rate will be charged if the visitor wants to include all meals during the stay.

All meals prepared on the “Hacienda” are grown right on the farm or in nearby communities, completely organic, such as the rich cocoa served to visitors. The nearby “La Gloria” spring, offers crystal clear waters for a refreshing swim, tubing or kayaking. The area is truly an extension of paradise!

The “Hacienda” project is the brainchild of two non-government environmental organizations, working to develop sustainable tourism in the region.

The project started with the visit of a group of Canadian volunteers who saw the tremendous eco-tourism potential in the region.

The innovative side to the project is that the community handles everything related to the “Hacienda.”

En Route to the Mountain

Once in the city of Moca, situated some 15 minutes south of Santiago – the country’s second largest city – travelers will take the road to the town of Gaspar Hernandez where the signs and the locals will point you in the right direction.

By Jose Rafael Sosa

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