Dining and Entertainment in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, the Dominican Republic’s most important north coast city, offers visitors many options for daytime activities and evening entertainment. The city is rich in history, very closely relate to an active European immigration during the 19th century that changed the city forever.

Today, thousands of Canadians, Americans, Germans, Italians, Spaniards, South Americans and Asians visit Puerto Plata annually, to enjoy the many wonders the city has to offer. Puerto Plata is a melting pot of cultures, which has influenced its architecture, culture and, most especially, its cuisine. The following restaurants are highly recommended when visiting Puerto Plata:



Lucia, the award-winning restaurant situated at the Casa Colonial & Spa Hotel has managed to reinvent the whole concept of what a hotel restaurant should be. Its fusion-based menu offers guests such delicacies as a “Tuna Tartar with Sweet Peppers and Wasabi Sorbet, as well as a Bream Fillet with Mint Sauce and Mashed Cassava, to name but a few of the many dishes it offers.


This is a must-visit restaurant when in Puerto Plata. Its specialties are delicious Dominican-based fusion dishes. The restaurant’s service is excellent, situated in one of the city’s best sections. For more information: www.maresrestaurant.com.

Other highly recommended restaurants:

• Ocean World Bistro. The newest in Ocean World. www.oceanworld.net.

• “Verde Jack.” One of the best restaurants in Playa Dorada Resort. www.bluejacktar.com.

• Skina Bar & Restaurant. Good atmosphere and good music, situated in the city’s historic center. http://dominicantreasures.com/es/skina-bar-restaurant.

• Kaffe. Situated in the city’s historic center, in a beautiful Victorian home.


• Stefy & Natale. Homemade Italian cuisines. In nearby Cofresi Beach. www.stefyenatale.com.

• “El Maguito.” This iconic restaurant is situated en route to Playa Dorada.


• “Botellas.” This open bar, featuring a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, also offers guests the possibility of enjoying a fine meal. Address: Avenida Luis Ginebra.

• “Bohemios.” Popular bar with relaxing ambiance. Address: Avenida Luis Ginebra.

• Ocean World Terrace. Outdoor bar featuring a daily musical theme (karaoke, salsa, merengue, etc.).

• “La Lujuria” Address: Av. Manolo Tavarez Justo.

• “Esquina de Chalo.” One of Puerto Plata’s most popular bars.

• “Verde Jack.” Featuring live music on Saturdays.

• “La Lujuria Despues del Trabajo.” Popular nightclub with live DJ, popular with the younger crowd.

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