Cabarete, on the North Coast, is a Paradise for Sailing Enthusiasts

Cabarete, also known as the windsurf capital of the Caribbean, is also a mecca for sailing enthusiasts.

Cabarete is also the perfect destination for all those who want to learn more about this exciting and affordable sport. Since 2003, the Carib Wind Center offers sailing courses for beginners and advanced students.

The small “laser” sail boat was designed in 1970 by Bruce Kirby and Ian Bruce so that enthusiasts could transport the boat on the roof of a car, just like windsurf boards. The 12-foot boat is built for a single person is very popular in Cabarete.

Learning to Sail

Learning to navigate these light boats is very affordable for most people and an interesting way to enjoy the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

For children and those who are new to the sport the recommended option is the Optimist, a small sailboat that is 8.25 feet long.

It is also ideal for those interested in learning to surf because it is very stable and easy to maneuver. As you can fly in a wide range of conditions it has become the ultimate racing boat for children up to 15 years of age.

In Cabarete, sailing is practiced in all six categories. The differences lie in the type of vessel and the number of participants included.

Good Physical Condition

All those interested in trying this exciting water sport must be in good physical condition in order to master the wind and wave conditions in the area.

The Carib Wind Center School

Since 2003, the Carib Wind Center School offers sailing courses for beginning and advanced students. The school provides a training package that includes four hours of instructions for US$300. Instructors do recommend six to eight hours of instructions in order to have a better understanding of the sport.

The school offers summer camps during the month of July.

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