The Dominican Republic is a Leader in Caribbean Travel

The Dominican Republic was recently selected by the international travel website Expedia as the “leading travel destination in the Caribbean,” and the capital city of Santo Domingo as one of the top ten producers of reservations in the Caribbean during 2014. Reservations have grown annually by approximately 45%, and Punta Cana experienced an impressive 50% growth in tourism.

In 2014, the number of bookings made through mobile devices and applications jumped by more than 60 percent in comparison to 2013.

During the first semester of this year, the number of tourists who entered the D.R. through its international airports registered at about 2,520,521 tourists. American visitors totaled 1. 5 million, while Europeans and South Americans totaled were 566,167 and 309,609, respectively.

In total, in 2014 approximately 4.4 million tourists chose the Dominican Republic to spend their holidays.

Expedia offers special rates and provides hotel reservations for more than 510,000 hotels worldwide and some four thousand international airlines.

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