Dominican Presidential Palace Introduces Audio Tour Guides for National and International Visitors

The country’s Presidential Palace has introduced new audio guides in five languages, including sign language for the hearing impaired, for the use of local and international visitors.

The audios are now available in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Mandarin, and give a thorough explanation of the history of the National Palace.

This system used is similar to the audio guided tours offered by the Louvre Museum in Paris, and the Vatican Museum.

Other measures recently introduced at the Presidential Palace were special ramps that will help facilitate the entry to the Palace of physically handicapped visitors.

Construction on the National Palace, the seat of the country’s Executive Branch, began on February 27, 1944, on the orders of dictator Rafael Trujillo.

The Palace was designed by Dominican-Italian architect Guido D’Alessandro.

The three-story building is situated in one of Santo Domingo’s oldest neighborhoods.

The building’s first floor consists of general services offices. The Palace’s main entrance is on the second floor, as well as the Hall of the Governing Council.

Also, the offices of the President and Vice President are on this floor, as well as the offices of top government officials. The third level is where the reception halls are situated.

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